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Like much of what we do, we decided upon a unique premise for our site. We purposely associated moving bodies of water with topics found on our site, thus staying true to the ClearStreams name. You arrived here by clicking on a link entitled “ditches”, yet ditches are not beautiful, the water in them is stagnant, and along with the water they collect, ditches are often full of the noxious chemicals and garbage. Ditches are a lot like yellow pages (directory advertising) – they’re not someplace you should be casting a line to catch fish, or spending much of your marketing budget to connect with clients and potential customers. Thus, we thought the analogy fitting.

Some call directory advertising a form of “declining media”. That’s a nice way of saying it’s dying, if not altogether dead. And the yellow pages knows this. That’s why they’ve attempted to steer you into their “internet yellow pages” or “online directory”, forcing their reps to sell it, even if some of them know it’s one of the worst possible forms of representation on the internet.

We’ll call it what it is – a waste of vital resources and one of the worst forms of marketing on the planet today. Yellow pages is often called “directory advertising” by those in the industry, because it used to help direct people to you or your organization. For many years it did a fine job of this, albeit at a cost that was hardly a value, sold to you by companies who’s main concern was squeezing more money out of you than they did the year before. How do we know this? We were in the industry for nearly two decades.

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Yellow Pages…A Dying Media

Whereas it used to be important to have a yellow page program that was dominant, impacting and diverse, that often times involved several different directories to cover your market area, times have changed. A sound directory advertising program has morphed into the need for a well-developed and properly-maintained digital marketing program. When someone uses their computer or phone to search for you or your organization by name, or for your type of business in their area, you need to make sure you’re easily found. Some would tell you that’s based on SEO, however, that’s only partially true.

To be found and easily reached on the internet, your brand and your service offerings need a digital marketing program that brings together web presence, social media, brand management, mobile media, electronic communications, new media, and SEO. This is exactly what ClearStream Concepts offers. We’ll help you refine your yellow pages and directory advertising, so you’re not throwing money in a ditch, and move you into a digital marketing program that gets results. We’ll meet with those pesky yellow pages sales reps for you, place the program that’s right for your business, and make sure you get all you should from the company they represent. And rest assured, our goal is not to take money from yellow pages for you to spend on us. We just want to do what’s right, and help you get your sales vehicle out of the ditch, and back on the road to success.

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