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One thing is for certain – change is imminent and constant. Perhaps nowhere else has this become more evident than on the internet, and the devices we use to interface with it daily. Social & mobile medias, smartphones & tablets, websites & blogs, have had the greatest impact of anything digital we’ve ever had in our lives. If your website hasn’t evolved, or your geek is using old tech & dying ideas with which to create your site, you’re presence could be ignored, overlooked or merely reviewed, rather than visited and appreciated.

We utilize html5 and java technologies to build “responsive” sites that are both websites and blogs. Responsive sites look equally good and are fully functional, on nearly any computer, tablet or smartphone, regardless of screen size, without unnecessary user interaction. What does all that mean? If your website looks like visitors need a magnifying lens to use it on their tablet or smartphone, it’s not “responsive”. Neither is it responsive if it looks different on your iPhone than it does on your friend’s Android device. Our hybrid websites grab visitors attention, provide your info in easy-to-use formats, engage your visitors, and make it easy for them to share your content via their social media channels. We don’t rely on gimmicks for SEO, we grow your standing with the search engines organically, so it gets ranked and stays ranked. Blog content is dynamic, that’s why visitors, be they human, bot or “spider”, enjoy them and rank them higher than websites that just sit there, unchanged and unexciting.

If you’re concerned about keeping your blog’s content fresh and interesting, to people and search engines, we offer professional blog writing services. Our bloggers will write up to 600 word, SEO-friendly articles as often as you need them. Topics can be chosen by you, or by us, and can be written as a guest or by a “ghost”.

What’s that you say? Sounds expensive? That’s the beauty of what we do – we’re affordable. Our web solutions combine “off-the-shelf” resources in unique ways. They’ve proven they work and we know how to properly combine them, so you don’t have to pay for any “custom coding”, unless of course you want to. We pride ourselves in websites that are attractive, simple, and elegant in design. Your users don’t have to guess where to click, and they only have to make one of two touches to go anywhere within the site. Our sites are built for people, not geeks or those who work with technology daily.

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