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social & mobile media expertise

social & mobile media expertise

Social & Mobile Media Experts

Grow a tribe. Converse with your peeps. Engage those who Follow, Like, Link, or Connect. Become a stop on the mobile highway, rather than just a drive-by. Go viral on YouTube. Protect your brand. Find out how your competition’s getting one over on you….or what your spouse is up to. Yes, all that’s possible, because of social and mobile media.

The internet has changed, and continues to do so, nearly overnight. First it brought the world to our doorstep, now it brings people together that are similar, or that have same/similar interests (tribes). It’s a great new way to communicate, to tell people how you are, to tell your story, to share current info, to ride the wave of current trends. It’s word of mouth turned into digital drumbeats. And whereas once many searches occurred on computers for web pages, upwards of half of all searches now occur on mobile devices and involve videos. Social & mobile media drives perceptions, decisions and trends, and if you’re not actively involved in the conversations, you’re not taking advantage of the greatest social change caused by media, since the newspaper or television. It’s actually part of what’s killing newspapers and cable. It’s time to get onboard, unless you like being a dinosaur (and you don’t see them around anymore, do you).

We offer complete social & mobile media solutions that make you a part of people’s info streams, and provide positive ROI (return on investment). That’s because we’re not just “knowledgeable” of social media – it’s our life, it’s what we do, it’s how we stay informed, it’s how we communicate with our tribe. We’re dialed in on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, LinkdedIn, Yelp, Foursquare, Urbanspoon, Foodspotting, and many, many more social and mobile media platforms.

Our Social & Mobile Media Services Get Results

Social & Mobile Media Management

Fresh, tasty, interactive, engaging, relative content published through your channels, daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you choose. We’ll setup your profile pages and keep them interesting, and use your various channels to turn strangers into followers.

Social & Mobile Media Integration

Supercharges your web presence by enabling and motivating your visitors/friends/followers/fans to share your content freely and easily.

Social & Mobile Media Campaigns

Advertising and Promotions based on platform centric, paid-for ads, that increase exposure, gain you more “Likes” and “Followers”, increase your “click-through rates” and convert fans into customers.

Public Relations & Promotions

When it comes to public relations and promotions, social & mobile media are hard to beat. Let us show you how to utilize them to maximize message impact, promote an event, make an announcement, or celebrate a milestone.

Single-Entry, Multi-Platform Posting Systems

Enables our clients to spend less time on social media, and more time running their lives and their businesses.

Search Engine Manipulation

Need a short term bump on the search engines? Want to own some regional or local searches, but don’t have a huge budget? We can definitely help you. We’ve got systems to help you surge when you need to.

Short Code Implementation & QR Code Campaigns

We make it easy to share your content, on the internet or in the “real world”, and keep track of the results.

Social & Mobile Media Forensics, Channel Monitoring and Competitive Overwatch

What’s your competition up to? What’s going on in your markets? Who’s improperly using your brand or digital assets, or breached your copyright? How was your privacy or security compromised? Is your spouse cheating on you, and with whom? Massive amounts of useful info get dumped onto social & mobile media streams every moment of every day. Why do you think the NSA monitors them? Let our digital ninjas handle your next covert opp. We can also help you secure and privatize your own social & mobile media channels.

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