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Innovative Digital Marketing Solutions

We LOVE what we do. We enjoy finding unique and creative ways to use new technologies, and our years of experience, to help our clients. We strive for affordable solutions which are advanced in nature, and elegant in design. We combine the best in social media, mobile media and web presence, with our numerous years of helping folks market themselves and their organizations, in the real world and on the digital plane. Our technical knowledge is broad-based and cutting edge, yet simple, understandable, approachable, and useful. Our brand management services get you noticed, and keep you in front of people.

We’re not your typical “marketing geeks” – we provide simple answers and help you to understand the solution. Whether it’s setup or maintenance, our fresh, creative approach and attention to detail, can make you look like a million bucks on a beer budget. If it’s training, coaching or support you need, our knowledge and years of experience in the fields of training and support, will help you make sense of it all. We make it easy for you to focus on your goals and dreams, rather than worrying about how to run a blog, or use Facebook properly, or use the apps on your iPhone to market your business.

Core Service Offerings

Digital Media Presence and Marketing

Design, development, implementation, maintenance and support of strategies utilizing web, social and mobile medias.

Strategy Development and Implementation

We combine aspects of web, social, and mobile medias, their associated technologies, and best practices, into programs and systems that are tailored to meet your needs. Whether you’re a professional, a non-profit or a business, startup or established, old or new, we create solutions based on your needs, resources and plans for the future. Turnkey systems, partnered maintenance or complete support packages available.

Brand Development

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of marketing yourself or your business. Harnessing the thoughts, feelings and experiences people have about your product or service, and turning them into an identity that makes it easy for your audience to recognize and remember you, to build a relationship with you. We provide guidance and assistance to help you with this significant aspect of your representation in the digital realm, and in the “real world”.

Platform Integration

Single post entries (blog, social media, mobile media) with cascading or segmented message propagation; message propagation can be platform inclusive/restrictive, or segmented into channels that best meet our client needs and focus.

Search Engine Optimization

Specializing in “white hat” SEO, with emphasis on organic methodologies and enhancement, via social and mobile media. Rather than using a narrow “website” strategy, ours is a holistic view that utilizes all client resources to gain search engine results and placement.

Evaluations, Assessments, Audits

You have to know where you’ve been, how you’re doing and what your competition is up to in order to chart an effective and logical course into the future. We review and monitor your existing program’s performance, and study your competition’s efforts.

Domain Research, Establishment, Implementation, Maintenance

Domain strategies are often overlooked, yet they are a key element of your digital identity and an essential aspect of your brand. It’s not as simple as it seems, and using the wrong domain/URL, or not properly using a good domain, can spell disaster to your digital marketing program. There are many ways to put your domain to work promoting your brand, beyond just hanging a website off of it. For example, do you own a great domain, but still identify yourself or your business with a gmail/yahoo/hotmail address?

Email, SMS and Messaging Integration

An important aspect of marketing, promotion and public relations is how you communicate. Your email, texting and app-based messaging say a tremendous amount about who you are, how you do business, and how and why your clients should build a relationship with you. We show you how to leverage these forms of communication, and how not to shoot yourself in the foot with them. Good digital communications are essential to your success in today’s world – the “Send” button is your friend.

Training, Support, Coaching

Whether it’s 1:1, small teams, groups, or seminars, we’re well-versed in all aspects of training and support – we’ve done it for years. We also know our digital marketing and all that goes into it, and we know how to translate “geek” into something you can understand and put to good use. We also don’t leave you hanging – we provide post-training best practices assistance so you put your training to good use.

Brand, Copyright and Trademark Protection

We work in conjunction with innovative legal professionals to help you protect and defend that which is rightfully yours in the digital realm.

Social, Mobile and Web Forensics

How good are we? We help you find the evidence you need to deal with the bad guys, or to handle some of life’s uglier moments. We do so in a manner that’s professional, covert and confidential. We’re not “Anonymous”, nor do we wear black hats, but we can help you “bring the hurt” if it’s needed. The internet and social media are a treasure trove of publicly available information, if you know how to find it.

Social Good

There’s more to life than you and your business or organization. There’s that part of you, that part of us, that knows we have to give back and pay if forward to move ourselves and our society forward. We’re honored when we’re asked to help a charity, a non-profit or those with a kind heart to make others dreams come true. If you don’t have your own form of social entrepeneurship you’re working on, we’ll help you focus part of your online efforts on assisting those that do in areas that are of interest, or that impact your life or the lives of your friends and family.

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