Traverse City Tattoo

Client Description: Traverse City Tattoo is the comfortable, yet cutting-edge, studio of award-winning tattoo artist, Ram Lee. When he’s not on the road at a show or convention, or out playing in the woods or on the waters, you can find him here. Located in downtown Traverse City’s “Warehouse District”, Traverse City Tattoo is not your usual tattoo shop. Ram has combined the zen of northern Michigan, with over two decades of time well spent in the tattoo industry. The selection of art and reference materials is diverse and vast, Ram uses some of the finest tattoo equipment and technologies available, and keeps his clients entertained with a killer entertainment system and free WiFi.

Brand: Complete Brand Development for Ram Lee’s new studio in his new home town. ClearStream Concepts handled all aspects of branding for Traverse City Tattoo, including domain strategies, online representation, image maintenance, propagation via social & mobile media channels, and integration of brands into electronic communications.
Traverse City Tattoo | Ram Lee

Web & Internet: Development of two websites on a strict budget, one to represent Ram, and another to represent his studio. Traverse City Tattoo’s site is built on the tumblr social media platform, making it easy to maintain and update, while hitting one of Ram’s important demographic markets. The platform makes posting “on the fly” simple and easy, whether on a laptop or mobile device, and integrates well with his other social media platforms.

Social Media: Development, maintenance, training, support and integration of representation on social media platforms that meet the needs of Ram Lee’s studio, Traverse City Tattoo; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, tumblr, Google+ |

Mobile Media: Resources which drive check-ins, and generate reviews, while making it easy to find the studio in one of downtown Traverse City’s oldest, yet most dynamic, areas; Yelp, Foursquare, Google
Travserse City Tattoo on Yelp | Traverse City Tattoo on Foursquare

New Media: Bringing the Ram Lee tattoo experience to life via HD video; Blog, YouTube
Ram Lee’s YouTube Channel

SEO: Generating and maintaining interest in Ram and his brands, while making it easy for clients to find Ram locally, regionally and worldwide; emphasis on brand, Ram’s specific areas of tattoo expertise, keywords and local & regional prominence, and identification with shows he’s attending.

Competitive Review & Overwatch: Review of competition regionally, nationally and worldwide, competitive overwatch, social and mobile media channel monitoring.

Ancillary Services: Regular review of analytics to find niches and determine and implement best practices, device setup, Google Voice setup and monitoring, placement on industry specific sites such as, integration of digital assets with physical assets and promotions. – Traverse City Tattoo


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