Ram Lee Tattoo

Client Description: An award-winning tattoo artist for the discerning collector of tattoo art, Ram Lee is a leader in the tattoo industry. He regularly attends several international, “invitation-only” festivals, shows and conventions every year, and is one of few tattoo artists good enough to be sponsored by manufacturers and suppliers to the industry (Neo Tat, Eternal Ink). He moved his family and business to Traverse City, MI from Toledo, OH, thus starting from scratch when it came to representing and branding his businesses.

Brand: Complete Brand Development program for Ram and his new studio, Traverse City Tattoo. ClearStream Concepts handled all aspects of branding, including domain strategies, online representation, image maintenance, propagation via social & mobile media channels, and integration of brands into electronic communications.
Ram Lee Tattoo & Art | Traverse City Tattoo

Web & Internet: Development of two websites, one for each brand, and each with a unique purpose. Ram’s primary site is a “foundational”, robust site, while the site for the studio utilizes a social media platform that hits important demographics, provides resources for posting “on the fly”, and is fully integrated with his other social media platforms.
Ram Lee Tattoo & Art | Traverse City Tattoo

Social Media: Development, maintenance, training and support of representation on platforms that meet the needs of Ram and his studio, that reach out to significant demographic sectors of his markets, and that are fully integrated with one another; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, tumblr, Google+
Facebook.com/RamLeeArt | Twitter.com/RamLeeTattoo | Instagram.com/RamLeeTattoo

Mobile Media: Resources that make it easy to find Ram and his studio, that drive check-ins, and generate reviews; Yelp, Foursquare, Google
Ram Lee on Yelp | Ram Lee on Foursquare

New Media: Bringing Ram Lee and the Traverse City Tattoo experience to life via HD video; Blog, YouTube, QR Campaign

SEO: Generating and maintaining interest in Traverse City Tattoo, while making it easy for clients to find the studio; emphasis on brand and locality, features & benefits of the shop, keywords, local & regional prominence, when the studio is open, Ram’s schedule, and guest artists.

Competitive Review & Overwatch: Review of competition locally and regionally, competitive overwatch, social and mobile media channel monitoring.

Ancillary Services: Regular review of analytics to find niches and determine best practices, device setup, Google Voice setup and monitoring, placement on industry specific sites such as Tattoo.com, integration of digital assets with physical assets and promotions.
Tattoo.com – Ram Lee


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