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ClearStream Concepts, LLC is a digital marketing and communications agency for clients who wish to experience innovation. We’re the agency of choice if you want to utilize today’s digital media to build a following, breed your brand, or get connected with those who would utilize your products and services. We implement digital communications in innovative ways our competitors wished they’d thought of. We’re out front, and not afraid to try something new, unique, creative or cutting edge. We’re who you choose if you want simple solutions, affordable services, attention getting promotion, viral posts, common sense strategies, and a strong presence in your followers’ info streams.

We’ve been in marketing, promotion and advertising for over 30 years. Very few people in digital communications today bring that level of experience to the table. We soaked up all the marketing knowledge we could during our college years at Michigan State University, and then applied it, and gained experience with it, while working for Ameritech/SBC/AT&T for nearly two decades. We’ve always had a business in the digital realm. We were some of the first on the internet, among the early adopters of desktop publishing, and we possess a depth of applied knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization) and online/digital marketing from our affiliate marketing days.

ClearStream Concepts | Mike & Aimee Argyle | Experience Innovation

ClearStream Concepts – Aimee & Mike Argyle
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We’ve worked with all types of businesses, in hundreds of industries, in places big and small, and locations easy to reach, or without running water and cell phones. We were among the first to get into social media in our area, and have been using mobile media since it began. We didn’t just get into social and mobile media, and digital communications and marketing, because we saw an opportunity – it was a natural transition for us. We saw folks had a need for our kind of help, so we spoke up. We’re not the housewife who spends all day on Pinterest and Facebook, who starts a “social media business” because thought it would be “fun”. Nor are we “party people” looking for the next trend to make a quick buck and get noticed by our “peeps”. Despite the fact we may dislike the trappings of “business attire”, we’re consummate professionals. We’re unique, we’re different, and we like it that way, and so do many of our clients. We tell it like it is, and we have fun doing what we do.


ClearStream Concepts provides innovative digital marketing solutions to help energize your brand or identity, maximize your exposure, and simplify interaction with your market, clients or tribe. We make you part of people’s digital lives on the internet, and on social and mobile media channels, whether your followers are using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

We specialize in…

Digital Marketing Strategies
Web & Internet
Social & Mobile Media Marketing
Online Brand Management
Domain Strategies
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Digital Communications Integration
Evaluations, Assessment, Audits
Training, Support, Coaching
e-Publishing & New Media
Social & Web Forensics
Social Good


We’re ready when you are. If you need immediate assistance, we can have your digital solutions up and running in no time, even on tight deadlines. If your timeframe isn’t that tight, but your budget is, we can work out a program that works miracles with pennies. Either way, rest assured your digital communication and marketing program isn’t part of a “cookie-cutter” process. Every program is custom designed to meet the needs of our individual clients.


ClearStream Concepts’ offices are primarily online, whether we’re on the banks of rushing rivers and sparkling streams, or along the scintilating shorelines of Michigan’s Great Lakes. Despite where we may be sitting in northern Michigan while we’re working, our work is local, regional and world wide. We’re your neighbors, and our front door is your keyboard, smartphone or tablet.

experience innovation

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Marketing has changed, and is evolving rapidly. The days of big dollar TV and radio advertising budgets, over priced print media (newspaper, magazines and yellow pages), and communicating at, rather than communicating with your clients, prospects and followers, is coming to an end. Just as it always has, technology is changing how we live and do things, and has often been the case, you either evolve and accept change, or get out of its way.

Our perspective is unique, our solutions innovative. We perform feats of digital magic for businesses, organizations, non-profits and kind hearts. Our creations are easy to use and elegantly designed, yet affordable to implement. We combine years of experience and a wealth of marketing knowledge, with broad tech savvy and a willingness to experiment, to provide results that exceed our client’s expectations. We’re different, we keep it real, we tell it like it is, and we’re passionate about what we do. We bring together the best of established marketing practices, and today’s technology and strategies, to help you build relationships and interact with those people and entities that are crucial to your success. We take pride in exceeding expectations, believe a smile and a hearty “thank you” are worth a million bucks, and think the best compliment anyone can give is recommending us to others.

Contact Info

If you’d like to contact us, we’d love to hear from you. Here’s how to reach us….




phone :: 231.680.0699

we can also be reached on Skype or Facetime

ClearStream Concepts, LLC
PO Box 1157
Bellaire, MI 49615

We can meet near a river, stream or lake of your choosing here in northern Michigan, or we can come to your offices. Just let us know, we’ll be there at the appointed time.
Desire something less business-like, more personal and laid-back? How about we enjoy a meal, a cuppa, or a craft brew together?

Whatever you choose, we’d be happy to take some time to discuss digital marketing, get to know one another, and set a course for the future. We promise it will be a good use of your time, and you’ll come away having learned something that will help you in your endeavors.

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