Making Waves in Digital Marketing

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In the weeks ahead we’ll be rocking the world of social media, and making waves in digital marketing. Our posts will be based on real world experiences, years of experience in the marketing industry, and things we’ve experienced from and with our clients. We’ll shed light into dark waters some might wish we wouldn’t illuminate, and we’ll light the way for those paddling in rough waters, so you can avoid currents that slowed and stopped many. And we’ll focus on waterfalls of knowledge, those gems that make the difference in the new, turbulent world of digital marketing.

Making Waves in Digital Marketing in northern Michigan

making waves in digital marketing

We not only possess over 30 years of marketing experience in various industries, we’ve always been early adopters of new, proven technologies. We didn’t just get into digital marketing after we “got really good” with Facebook, or published a ton of selfies on Instagram, or spent numerous evenings posting recipes on Pinterest. If the digital marketer that’s pitching you on his or her services makes ends meet with the latest MTM scheme, or became a “social media strategist” just a handful of years ago after running a daycare center, and all they have to show for it are gimmicky sites and Twitter posts for some flash-in-the-pan local celebrity….then we suggest you keep looking. And make us one of your stops along the information highway.

Mike Argyle, the founder and digital marketing virtuoso at ClearStream Concepts, has a track record of making businesses and organizations wildly successful. Not just with those he hangs out with, or that like the same craft beer he does, or that go to the same church. No, we’re talking real world success, the kind that’s measurable and repeatable. Mike knows how to help others ride their waves, brave the rapids, and paddle out of turbulent waters. He’s knowledgeable, experienced, intelligent, adept with the latest in online, mobile and social technologies, and able to communicate effectively via various mediums.

If you want results, and an excellent return on your investment. If you want the latest news and views on digital marketing that aren’t dependent upon advertiser revenues for their being published. If you want to learn from, and work with, true digital marketing and branding strategists that are making waves in digital marketing, then we suggest you sit a spell with us, here along the banks and shorelines of ClearStream Concepts.

….we’re in your stream….and making waves in digital marketing